Tomozo Sakura (Sakura Tomozou, さくら 友蔵) is the grandfather of Maruko in the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan'.

He is the paternal grandfather to Maruko and Sakiko, father of Hiroshi and husband to Kotake.


Tomozo is the only bald family member, and has a slightly darker tan compared to the other female members, almost matching to his son's own.

He frequently wears a grey-blue long-sleeve shirt and dark green pants with black shoes. In the summer, his long-sleeve shirt is switched with a short-sleeved version.


Tomozo has a rather approachable demeanor, and contributes often to family discussions, sometimes drawing upon his own past experiences as a child. He is also prone to causing embarrassment for the family in moments where he makes awkward statements or actions, sometimes to further embarrassment from non-family members or strangers.

He is quite sensitive to some of the things that others may say; there are notable times when he sinks into a quick depression or state of shock after hearing something absurd that Maruko mentions to him, earning awkward stares from other present characters.

Hobbies & Talents

Tomozo enjoys the company of his family, and especially Maruko, in times where she lightens his mood with imaginative thoughts and dream-like scenarios which often show the both of them together. He can sometimes be seen playing Go, a traditional Japanese board game.

He is also known for his haikus, which he writes based on current emotions felt following moments of either sheer joy or shock/sadness, calling them 'Haiku of the Heart' (Kokoro no Haiku, 心の俳句).









  • Tomozo's favorite foods include boiled tofu, natto, sea urchin, sukiyaki with okayu, nanakusa-gayu, mochi, ningyoyaki, boiled potatoes and green onions.His least favorite food is persimmons.
  • Tomozo's most prized possession is his hat from India.
  • Tomozo's favorite singer is Momoe Yamaguchi.
  • Tomozo can perform a ventriloquist act.
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