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Tamae Honami (Honami Tamae, 穂波 たまえ) is a female character and best friend of Maruko from the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan'.

She is always referred-to as 'Tama-chan' by Maruko.


Tamae has dark brown hair often styled into two separate braids, with her bangs separated to the left and right following her middle hairline. She always wears round glasses that hide her pupils, which show on some occasions.

She wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a white collar, a dark blue skirt, white socks and yellow shoes.


Tamae has a very kind and warm nature, and is always polite to other characters. There are times when she becomes sensitive enough to cry when she feels emotionally distressed, or become angry, when she sees others (often boys) misbehaving. Due to the nature of her father, always obsessed with taking photos of anything which catches his interest, she often finds herself having to yell at him to stop many times.

Hobbies & Talents

Tamae shows interest in feminine activities, which include dress-up or role playing with Maruko and viewing flowers together on their way to/from school.

Tamae is able to play the piano and recorder, and typically gets high marks for her class assignments and tests (contrary to Maruko).



Shintaro Honami

Mother (real name unknown)







  • Tama-chan's favorite foods are melon, pudding, cake, nabe, curry, carrots, peppers and shiitake mushrooms.
  • Tama-chan's most prized possession is her autograph of Hideki Saijo.
  • Tama-chan is afraid of snakes.
  • Tama-chan's favorite singer is Momoe Yamaguchi.
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