Sumire Sakura (Sakura Sumire, さくら すみれ) is the mother of Maruko in the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan '.


Sumire possesses short, permed dark brown hair and a dimple on one of her cheeks, which is marked depending on where she is facing. She always wears a purple long-sleeved shirt under a white apron, a grey-blue long skirt and yellow socks while at home, and sandals minus the apron while outside. On special occasions, such as dinner outings, she would wear earrings, other jewelry and special clothing. She particularly treasures her opal wedding ring.


Sumire carries a very tender and motherly personality, but constantly finds herself in a bad temper after having to scold Maruko on a near-constant basis due to the latter's frequent misadventures. She will always discourage Maruko from engaging in anything she finds dodgy or dangerous, but oftentimes to no avail.

She is also the family member responsible for maintaining wellbeing and order amongst the rest of the family members, who often tend to stray away in their own misdoings (with the possible exception of Kotake), often having to yell at the top of her voice to get everyone to stop. Sumire is also responsible for practically all of the family's financial management, as she is the one who frequently goes shopping for basic supplies.


It was revealed in an episode that Sumire was a former 'Mo-Ga (モガ)', or 'Modern Girl', prior to meeting her future husband Hiroshi, and possessed exceptional beauty in her youth. She was introduced to him through a friend, and managed to sustain a relationship with him despite initial tensions in early dates together, especially given Hiroshi's quiet nature at the time.









  • Sumire's favorite foods are manju, yakisoba, tempura and enoki mushrooms. Like Maruko, her least favorite foods are natto and raw tomatoes.
  • Sumire's previous last name is Kobayashi.
  • Sumire's most prized possession is an opal ring she got for cheap when she was young but would go for a high price today.
  • Sumire's favorite singers are Chiyoko Shimakura and Momoe Yamaguchi.
  • Sumire's favorite pastimes are embroidery and bowling.
  • Sumire can perform a ventriloquist act.
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