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Sakiko Sakura (Sakura Sakiko, さくら さきこ) is a character and Maruko's older sister in the Japanese manga and anime series Chibi Maruko Chan.


Sakiko has black hair which is often kept in two separate small pigtails held by pink hairbands, and seven locks of hair acting as her bangs which match those on Maruko. She lets her hair down for bedtime and special occasions, which is at shoulder-length.

She often wears a red-pink long-sleeve blouse with a white collar, a blue-green knee-length plaited skirt and white socks, plus yellow shoes while outside.


Sakiko is well-behaved for her age, and often gives words of advice to her younger sister Maruko. She sometimes ends up in a foul temper after arguing with Maruko over unimportant matters, although she is never the one to initiate the quarrels.

She has a massive fan crush on Hideki Saijo, a popular Japanese male singer during the '70s era. She is sometimes seen watching him live on television, keeping a poster of him in the bedroom shared with her sister, or holding some other merchandise depicting him.

She sometimes has to cover up intense feelings of embarrassment in situations where she finds Maruko engaging in strange behavior outside of home, usually amongst friends or other groups of people.

Hobbies & Talents[]

Sakiko is oftentimes seen reading whilst in her room when Maruko enters, showing interest in a wide span of topics based on the book title which can be seen which range from star signs to bird species and wildlife.

She, like Maruko, can play the recorder based on music lessons taught at school.

She likes to make crafts and can knit, along with other skills such as origami and tying flower bows.



  • Maruko(Younger sister)
  • Sumire(Mother)
  • Hiroshi(Father)
  • Tomozo(Grandfather)
  • Kotake(Grandmother)



  • Sakiko's favorite foods include eel, katsudon, ramen ,and gratin dishes.
  • Sakiko's most prized possession is her neckless a friend gave her.
  • Sakiko is afraid of snakes and frogs.
  • Sakiko receives an allowance of ¥​3000 a month.
  • Like Maruko and Tomozo, Sakiko is also quite skilled at goldfish scooping and can even catch two fish at once.