Noritaka Hamazaki (Hamazaki Noritaka, 浜崎 のりたか), also known as 'Hamaji (はまじ)', is a male 3rd-grade character from the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan'.


Hamaji has an oval head with a tanned skin tone, black hair cut straight as bangs (same in style as Maruo) and visible lips, as well as a characteristic sets of small, widely spaced-out teeth. He is one of few characters in his third-grade class to sport thicker eyebrows.

He can always be seen wearing a dark blue long-sleeved shirt bearing two separate yellow stripes above the shirt bottom with a yellow collar, brown shorts and white socks with dark blue shoes. In summer episodes his sleeves are shortened to T-shirt length.


Hamaji is considered the class clown, as he is particlarly notorious for his sense of humour within Maruko's third-grade class by making others laugh through jokes similar to stand-up comedy. In effect, he gains the favour of many, especially in times when the class is in the midst of discussing problems, as he is also open enough to put forward honest opinions, alongside funny ones.

Despite his seemingly favoured presence and personality in class, Hamaji is considered less favourably at home due to the fact that he does little to aid his family who are raised in a much poorer background than most of his classmates. He carries the tendency to do whatever he pleases at home in spite of his mother's consistent angry pleas for assistance.

Hobbies & TalentsEdit

Hamaji enjoys spending his time telling jokes and making his classmates laugh, inclusive of his teacher Mr. Togawa.

He is very skilled at mimicking the behavioural traits and speaking styles of both people and animals he knows, which are the pinnacles of his success in both earning the attention of others and favourable responses of laughter.










  • Hamaji's favorite foods include pocky, potato chips, miso soup with mackerel and cooked eel.
  • Hamaji's most prized possessions are his collections of Kamen Rider cards, pebbles, bottle caps and milk bottles.
  • Hamaji is a fan of the baseball team the Taiyo Whales and has an autograph from Daisuke Yamashita.
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