Midori Yoshikawa (吉川 みどり, Yoshikawa Midori) is the granddaughter of one of Tomozo's friends who comes to Maruko's house to play from time to time.

She is usually referred to as Midori-chan (みどりちゃん).


She Has An Brown Afro Hair. And Wears A Blue V Neck

Long Sleeve Shirt With A Light Brown Pants


Midori Is Awkward And Sensitive. She's Afraid Of Being

Laughed At. So She Cries Easily.

Hobbies & Talents



  • Midori-chan's favorite foods are meatballs and beef stew.
  • Midori-chan's favorite musical group is Four Leaves.
  • Midori-chan's favorite flower is annual baby's breath.
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