Kotake Sakura (Sakura Kotake, さくら こたけ) is the grandmother of Maruko and a character from the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan'.

She is the paternal grandmother to Maruko and Sakiko, the mother of Hiroshi and wife of Tomozo.


Kotake has grey hair kept in a bun secured by a pink pin high on the back of her head, and wears round glasses, similar to those worn by Tamae. She also has visible dimples on both of her cheeks.

She most often wears a pink kimono whilst at home and outside.

Some instances of flashback scenes show that Kotake was a beauty during her youth and days with Tomozo.


Although Kotake appears to not stand out as much amongst the rest of the family members, she is seen to be very kind and warm in nature in instances where she does interact. She is particularly good at giving advice to others regarding health tips and foods to eat in times of illness.

Hobbies & Talents

Given that her amount of screen-time in both the manga and anime series are the least in comparison to the other family members, not much is known about Kotake's frequent hobbies.

However, Kotake possesses skills with regards to popular Japanese games such as cat's cradle, and teaches her skills for Maruko to learn in one episode.






  • Kotake's favorite foods are sweet natto, yokan and sekihan.
  • Kotake's most prized possession is a photo albums she made with Maruko.
  • Kotake is a fan of Shinobu Oshizaki.
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