Kenichi Ono (Oono Kenichi, 大野 けんいち) is a male third-grade character from the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan'.

He is referred-to as 'Ono-kun' by Maruko throughout the series.

Some say Maruko will ended up marrying Ono because they are stays in the same school until senior year. Maruko and Ono will have two kids, one boy and a baby girl.


Ono possesses short black hair with bangs similar in style to Maruko. The rest of his hair is composed of many locks jetting downwards to the left side, with less kept to the right side. He also has gradually thickening straight eyebrows, a trait only matched with Sugiyama, his best friend.

He wears a blue long-sleeve shirt with a white collar plus matching pocket on the upper-right portion of the shirt, dark blue shorts, white socks and dark orange shoes.


Ono is serious in personality to an extent, but is also understanding and carries a large sense of justice in dealing with class problems, as one of the class leaders alongside Sugiyama. As a leader, he can tend to become pushy and strict in making sure others understand his orders.

Despite his high social standing and strength in the class, he is willing and determined to help those who are weaker than him or ask for his assistance. Even though it is due to these sorts of traits that earn him the favour of many girls in the class, he appears emotionally distant from them, and appears to talk to both boys and girls with equal levels of consideration.

He uses physical force in some situations where he sees other characters -often boys- bullying or misbehaving excessively, but only as a means of forcing them to quickly abstain them from possibly endangering others.

Hobbies & TalentsEdit

Ono thoroughly enjoys playing soccer, and discussing any topics related to the sport, as well as sports itself in general. Likewise, he also enjoys teaching proper sports techniques to others in need of his help.

His massive interest in soccer has made him thoroughly skilled in the sport.












  • Ono-kun's favorite foods include ramen and meat buns.
  • Ono-kun's most prized possession is the model ship he and Sugiyama built together.