Hiroshi Sakura (Sakura Hiroshi, さくら ひろし) is the father of Maruko in the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan '.


Hiroshi has short black hair with the front locks swept to the right, plus an extra lock left down on the far left side and visible cheeklines. He is always wearing a long-sleeved orange shirt and brown trousers with brown shoes. On episodes taking place in summer, he switches to wearing a short-sleeved shirt with trousers instead.


Hiroshi has a rather lax and free personality, doing whatever he wishes to do whilst at home, which are often 'lazy' activities such as reading the newspaper or watching television. He seems to get on fine with everyone, but does show instances of mocking or making fun of others who state opinions contradicting his own. He can tend to laugh excessively upon hearing a funny story told by someone, most often from Maruko.

Hiroshi additionally has a rather shy nature amongst strangers, and large crowds especially. On one occasion at a wedding reception, he is flustered with so much social anxiety amongst the large group of guests that he messes up his speech and visibly shakes throughout.

Hobbies & TalentsEdit

Hiroshi has great interests in drinking sake, both at home and outside, and fishing when he gets time to go outside. He can sometimes be seen reading books on fishing techniques, or cleaning his fishing rod. He really likes to fart, so he always fart in front of family at the living room.

He used to be a frequent smoker as seen in many early episodes, but in one episode has been confronted with the habit and convinced to stop. Later episodes no longer depict him smoking any cigarettes.









  • Hiroshi's favorite foods are katsuo sashimi, boiled fish, ramen and kakigōri with milk. His least favorite foods are gratin dishes and sweets.
  • Hiroshi's favorite singers are Hibari Misora and Mina Aoe.
  • Hiroshi's favorite pastimes are smoking and fishing.
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