Hanako Migiwa (Migiwa Hanako, みぎわ 花子) is a female third-grade character from the Japanese manga and anime series 'Chibi Maruko Chan'.

She is most often addressed as 'Migiwa-san' by Maruko in the series.


Migiwa has black hair tied into two separate braids with pink ribbons and bangs cut straight with an indent visible in the middle. She has visibly fuller cheeks, a prominent chin and thicker lips than most of her other female classmates. She also wears a distinguishable pair of blue rectangular glasses.

Migiwa commonly wears a light pink long-sleeved shirt with a white lacy collar, a darker pink ribbon tied beneath the collar, and lacy cuffs matching the colour of her shirt. She also wears a light blue skirt, white socks and pink shoes.


Migiwa appears to frequently convey a feminine and girly personality in the presence of others, often meaning well and wishing to do good as the female class president in Maruko's third-grade class.

Exaggerations of her girly personality are especially evident in moments where she takes interest in a topic of discussion - most of the time based on Hanawa, due to her large infatuation with him throughout the series.

Her moodiness tends to result in her easily getting angry or sad at moments where either other girls come too close to Hanawa, or she is mocked by somebody.

Hobbies & TalentsEdit

Migiwa seems to spend substantial amounts of time, both by herself and in the presence of friends, fantasizing and daydreaming of her vizualised potential relationship with Hanawa, usually in the form of being treated as a bride or princess.

Despite her occasional aloof nature, Migiwa is able to maintain conduct in the class as female class president and dutifully contributes her part in making sure everyone does their allocated tasks.









  • Migiwa-san's favorite foods are spaghetti and apple pie.
  • Migiwa-san's is skilled at kendo and she is studying ballet.
  • Migiwa-san's most prized possession is her photo of herself and Hanawa-kun from Sports Day.