Volume 7

Volume 7 of the Japanese shojo manga series 'Chibi Maruko Chan' by Momoko Sakura was released on 11th January 1991 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter listEdit

Feature content

Chapter no. Chapter Title
38 'Maru-chan begins writing to a pen-pal'
39 'The great boys vs. girls war'
40 'Maru-chan writes a New Year's greeting card'
41 'Maru-chan gets a stomachache at school'
42 'Maru-chan raises a tropical pet fish'
43 'Maru-chan wants to get a room of her own'
44 'Maruko goes to Momoe Yamaguchi's* concert'
45 'Mum and dad are fighting'
46 'Maruko finds a legendary Western mansion'
47 'Maru-chan hates radio body exercises but has to do them anyway'

Extra content: Written essays

Essay no. Essay Title
1 'A strange memory'
2 'A memory of my trip'


  • Momoe Yamaguchi was a supremely popular female singer and idol in Japan, particularly during the '70s era (the era when each Maruko episode takes place).
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