Volume 11

Volume 11 of the Japanese shojo manga series 'Chibi Maruko Chan' by Momoko Sakura was released in December, 1993 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter listEdit

Feature content

Chapter no. Chapter Title
74 '
75 'Maruko fusses over pot noodles'
76 'Kakizome* homework'
77 'Maruko hates wool pants'
78 'Nagasawa's new house party'
79 'The befriending meet'
80 'Maruko goes to a sushi house'
81 'Maruko wants a Rollers Go-Go** no matter what!!'
82 'The neighbouring town's delinquents'
83 'Maruko goes to the 'Shizuoka Fiesta


  • Kakizome (書き初め) is a special piece of calligraphy done for the New Year.
    • 'Rollers Go-Go' refers to a brand which produces roller scooters for children.
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