Volume 1

Volume 1 of the Japanese shojo manga series 'Chibi Maruko Chan' by Momoko Sakura was released on 15th July, 1989 through Shueisha Comics.

Chapter listEdit

Feature content

Chapter no. Chapter Title
1 'The Old Man's Magic Card'
2 'Maru-chan tries to do her Homework'
3 'Maru-chan likes to prepare for the Field Trip'
4 'The cousin's Shichigosan*'
5 'Maru-chan joins in the Town Christmas Meet'
6 'Maru-chan on New Year's Eve'
7 'Maru-chan still feels Depressed'
8 'Maru-chan hates Marathons'
9 'The 'living' stuck-up brat makes a visit'

Extra content: 'Momoko's Heartwarming Story Theatre'

Story no. Story Title
1 'Be thankful I taught you!'
2 'My poor home'
3 'The Nosebleed I want'
4 'The Privilege of raising'
5 'I'm only going to the Disco'
6 'My poor home, Part 2'


  • 'Shichigosan (七五三)', lit. 'seven', 'five' and 'three' is a special shrine festival for children on November 15th, particularly boys aged three and five, and girls aged three and seven.
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